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Hi Community, 


One of our customer raised the below query:


After migrating their files to SharePoint they have found that Access DB is not working at all when DB files are in SharePoint. Meaning, the DB is accessible, but they cannot use access db via sharepoint, if they open it, it will create multiple access dbs instead of just changing the main db.. 


Customer wants to be cloud only, meaning not using any servers or on-prem storage.

So now the question is what solution can we come up with to resolve this?


Any pointers would be of great help. 



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Hi @Newlife 


I haven't looked at this for a long time but moving the data to SharePoint maybe the answer :- 





@Andrew Hodges 


Thank you for your prompt response. 


That could be a solution, however, had question around how will it work when they need to change or create something?


Customer is used to opening access and register what they do, create and delete things, they need a solution that will not be more difficult for them.


Can you help please?



Hi @Newlife ,


LIke I said I haven't used it in a while but you used to be able to import the DB to SharePoint and the data could then be updated via a web interface. It will be a different experience for them, whether they view that as more difficult is open to interpretation.


Best suggestion I could give you and what I would do is setup a test site, import the DB, see if you think it is suitable following the instructions in the link and if you think it is a goer then sit down with a suitable user and show them what the option is.


Hope that helps