Question on SPO and Powerapps

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Hi Community,


One of our customer raised the below query:


They wanted to synchronize on-prem Sql data to SharePoint Online and we recommended BCS solution. After which, they tested the BCS integration in their local environment and they’ve succeeded to integrate an SQL to an online SPO instance.


Further, they’ve also created an external content type and external list. They’ve also tried to test the other requirements of the project and they’re using the list in Power Apps to develop the app that is also part of the project. Unfortunately the lists that use external content can't be used in Power Apps.


  • Can you confirm that this is correct?
  • If they  need to use a standard SharePoint Online list in Power Apps, is there a procedure of how they can synchronize a list containing external content with a standard SharePoint list? Meaning every time there is a new item in the external list or an item updates in the external list, to add/update items in the standard list?
  • They also need information about printing functionality in Power Apps, is there a standard functionality for that or a procedure to develop this functionality?

Any pointers would be of great help.


Many thanks in advance!!

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To my knowledge it sounds right PowerApps don't support external lists bearing in mind Microsoft has not made any investment in BCS since SP 2013...What I would recommend your customer is to take advantage of the possibility to integrate OnPremises data in PowerApps using the OnPremises Data Gateway: