question is it possible to create something like this on SP online Site?




I like to know how to created a over summary like the following

that is able to view what is submitted, details tab - of each items with attachments

and a tab for editing or input more comments or notes


Please advise if this can be build and how on SP online modern site.. thx




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@bbsin although you can use SharePoint to store all the data, in order to present it in tabs and have attachments and fields for entering more information you would need to build an app in Power Apps. For my company I built one with a tabbed approach (see the image below) because there were a lot of fields and we didn't want everything all on 1 screen, and it stores the data in a SharePoint list. If you haven't used Power Apps before there are some very good videos on YouTube by Shane Young which will help to get you started.



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HI Rob,

Thanks for the reply. I have starting using PowerApps, but user are not keen as they find it hard for them to update or edit changes later.

Thanks again.