Push content types from Content Type Gallery to a hub

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Previously I have been using the old Content Type Syndication Hub to distribute custom content types to all my sites. However, I was frustrated by how long it took to publish changes and have been looking to move to SharePoint new modern Content Type Gallery feature ( and


On Microsoft's site, they specifically say you can push content types from the Gallery to hub sites for distribution to associated sites, and they even show this feature in a video: 


However, on my view, I have no option to push content types to a hub. (This is a brand new 'test' content type so there shouldn't be a problem with it being from a legacy content type hub, and I do have a proper modern hub site and associated sites).


Screen Shot 2020-12-02 at 1.01.18 PM.png


Is there some hidden setting I need to turn on to enable this feature?


EDIT: Or perhaps this feature isn't necessary, since types in the Content Type Gallery automatically push to all sites in my tenant? (But if so, why does Microsoft document the feature...?)

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This feature is part of SharePoint Syntex. If you look at the context of the video, it shows that it is part of this specific product. The Content Type gallery will push content types to all sites in your tenant, as you note. You would need SharePoint Syntex to leverage the capability you are asking about.
That makes sense – didn't realize Syntex was a separate product. Thank you!