Pulling Data from SharePoint List into Excel

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I have successfully pulled data from SharePoint List into excel using "Get Data from Online Sources" for further analytics. One issue I am running into is in regards to certain data types. It appears when certain columns of data where multiple choices can be returned for data in the column, it appears in excel as [List] instead of showing what might have actually been returned in the SharePoint List.


Is there a way to correct this?

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Also, I am seeing [Table] from when the choices for a column are being pulled in from another SharePoint list.

Hi @GMLD_Engineer!

I have created a picture for you which shows how I did it for myself and it worked perfectly fine. I hope you can also apply it on your side, please let me know if I was able to help you :smile:


I noticed after, that there is a documentation which describes this process as well:






Thank you! @Deleted