Pulling Custom MetaData from Excel File to SharePoint Documet Library

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SharePoint Enterprise - 2013 - On Premises


I am pulling custom metadata out of an Excel file (formal template replicated for different parts in our facility) into a SharePoint document library. I do this through named ranges in the Excel file such as SupplierName, SupplierAddress, PartNumber, etc.


This process works fine, but only for when the file is first uploaded. I'd like that if I were to edit the file and change the field values, then hit save, the custom metadata I have pulled would refresh in the document library. As of now, it will only stay the same as the first values that were existing when the file was uploaded.


Is there a setting in SharePoint that I am missing that could resolve this? Or is there a workflow that would help me update the metadata in my document library?


Please let me know if there is a workaround or solution out there. Thanks!

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Did you ever resolve this issue?