Published Date Format not set properly on Modern Site Pages in SharePoint online - AU Region

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Has anyone looked into an issue with date format of Published date on Modern Site Page? It is somehow setting to US date format even though the regional setting is set to Australia. Have ruled out the user profile setting as it is set to use the option by site administrators.

The same issue also occurs in Communication site pages.


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I've noticed the same issue on our Modern Site pages however we had a tenancy migration some time ago and when that was done a mistake was made as the tenancy kept with default US settings. Once this has been done it cannot be changed. Previously only affected dates in the Admin Centre.

Ok, in our case the tenant and site is all in AU regional settings. The date format in Classic SharePoint view is also correct. It is just the publish date that is the wrong format.


Also raised a Microsoft Ticket which was closed on the context that I should raise an user voice and would be resolved by Product Team.

If you raise and want my vote then send me a link and you'll get it :)

Thanks Lea and Trevor. Only 5 votes on it now. We might need more votes so that MS can look at it I suppose :)

Hi All,

Just to let you all know, we have got now 87 votes on the above issue, which is great. Few more to get it to 100. Please share and vote.


Looking in a couple of tenants, this seems to have been fixed in the last week or so.

@Asish Padhy I have a new Sharepoint 2019 server and site with exactly the same problem. Regional settings correctly changed to Australia and other dates display correctly but not the published date.  Did you ever get a fix?

Unsure if related, but our site started doing same thing that I noticed today for Publish Date, with format different for different users. It was ignoring the setting "Regional Settings Defined by site administrators". Checked Chrome Language, Computer Region and Microsoft Account Region and all correct, but then in this page the setting was US region https://{sharepointdomain}{usernameunderscored}/_layouts/15/regionalsetng.aspx.

After correcting and doing a Ctrl+F5 of Chrome to refresh cache the date displayed correctly.