Publish button not visible Modern sharepoint page


I have observed that sometimes while editing the page, the publish button disappears. I am seeing this issue very often.

The button appears when you refresh the page.

Is there something going around with the issue ?

Is there anyone who is facing the same issue.Media1-Trim.gif

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Hi@Harsh Damania 

Yes - I've seen this in my tenant too.  It seems to have stabilised this week.

At the same time as I was experiencing the disappearing publish button, the 'Undo' button had ceased to function as well .

I'm not sure if the two issues were related (both objects are a part of the page editing tools).

As of today, the Undo button is functioning again and I think (fingers crossed) the publish/republish button is also behaving itself.

My Admin had reported the undo button problem to Microsoft Support, so I expect a fix has been applied to my tenant.  You might see if you can get your Admin to check to see if this issue has been included in the Office 365 Admin  service support area.


@Harsh Damania I've experienced this a lot this week. I simply save as draft. Then "edit" it again. If no publishing button, I refresh the page and it is there. Frustrating, but it has worked every time.