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Hi there, 


we use Monday for now, but I have a look on Lists. With Monday, we can have a public form (URL, accessible for everyone. So once someone fills out the form, the data appears as a new item in the list.


How do I do that for MS Lists? I figured out, how to customize the form for a new item, when you got access to the list (open the list and hit +New Item). But how can people enter data, without access to the list (not even having a company account)



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Hi @Michael Goth,


Sharing a list form to anonymous users is not possible.


One alternative would be to create a form with Microsoft Forms and create new items to the list in Microsoft Lists with Power Automate when the form is filled.



Indeed if it possible depending on the sharing level configured in SPO and ODFB. I have just tested this and you can share a list item anonymously that's is not enough from this also behaves quite weird:
- An anonymous user can actually make changes in the list item. But he/she cannot add comments to the list (Sign in is required)
- An anonymous user can customize the Form Layout, something I would not expect so I guess this a bug
Indeed, you can share but if you want separate direct access to list data you need to use either Microsoft forms as recommended above or other forms ( ones that have connectors with power automate) and connect using Power Automate flow. Had used Jotforms, Formstack to add data in SP lists.

Thanks you, everyone, for the replies. 

Is Microsoft reading posts like this?


Going via forms and power automate might be the way to go, but it is not user-intuitive. It'd be great to have people use Lists, without any help of an admin. 

SharePoint Online / Microsoft Lists dev teams - please add this feature to your backlog. My company has a need for this functionality as well.