Provision SharePoint Online site with an approval workflow

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I have a requirement in that whenever an item is added to a pre-existing SharePoint list, a number of things need to occur.
1. A site needs to be created with some customisation
2. One library in the site requires a multi-stage approval workflow.
This will need to be a repeatable process.

It is possible for a Power Automate wf to trigger when an item is created in the list, which can create a site. The wf can also trigger Azure Automation which can add the customisation. (PowerShell)

How is it possible to create an approval workflow that is reusable and how can be linked to the sites Library. 
There may be 200+ sites that get created over time, so it will not be possible to create 200+ workflows manually, it needs to be a single workflow then can be re-used.
I was thinking of LogicApps, does this have the capability ?

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Yes, this scenario is possible with Power Automate but you might require premium connectors to have it working
Can you elaborate on your answer please?
Are you refeering to creating the entire solution in PowerApps ? - I do not want to take this route.