Pros & Cons - Global Site vs Country Wise Site

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We are in migration planning to migrate contents from various file servers across the Globe to SharePoint Online.


We want to understand that should we migrate department data from various files servers (total data size is approx 15-20 TB) to one common global department site or should we migrate department wise data to their respective country wise. We want to understand pros and cons for both the options and what should be best approach which covers redesigning folder structure's, security / permission complexity, Backup Plan, Legal/Compliance and maintenance of site.


What is the best approach and what are pros and cons?


Has Microsoft published any article on this ?





Please advise


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Hello @Avian 1,


The SharePoint solution guidance on Building SharePoint Online portals is very informative and should be reviewed and considered for your planning.


Keep SharePoint Online Limits for your plan in mind when capacity planning.


I hope this helps.



@Norman Young 


Thanks for reply.


While I going thru various articles, I came to know about SharePoint Hub Site. It seems to be interesting and better option.


I am still reading various article before come to a conclusion, but I have some initial questions


1. How the external sharing managing, As I know External Sharing can be implemented to top level site and it will automatically applicable to all the associated site. But If I want to enable different external sharing option for different associated site, I could not see in SharePoint Admin center. But yes this can be enabled using PowerShell script like "Set-SPOSite -identity "" -sharingcapability ExternalUserSharingOnly ".


2. How the 400 character url limit will be manage for Associated Site? How can we restrict this?


3. How the taxonomy will work if we different taxonomy for different associate?


4. Is this possible to restrict search to their respective Associate Site and How?


5. What are Pros and Cons for SharePoint Hub Site?


6. It was launched last year. I believe this is now mature feature or we should still wait more?






Hi @Avian 1,


In our organization we use SharePoint for communication and collaboration. 


Our intranet uses a single Hub to associate our departmental communication sites. Our departmental team sites are connected to Hub's that reflect their organizational hierarchy and security requirements.


We do use external sites but they are isolated/standalone from the rest to help protect our information assets.


The SharePoint Look Book is a good reference for design and inspiration.


I hope this helps.




@Avian 1 

External sharing is controlled at the site collection level, if you have different requirements (and most firms do), you should use different site collections.

Multiple geo storage is now available,

Hub sites allow you to easily connect multiple sites together using any criteria you want, you should plan on using them, see