Proper SPO List Development Technique

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Hope this question is understandable.  I started out with a simple list, but as things go i was asked to make mods to it to include more data.  The list was originally built so the PowerApp form would allow one form to gather data inputs for a number of global locations.


  • Site 1 - Data Value
  • Site 2- Data Value
  • Site N - data value

Then I was asked to add another type of data for the same sites in a way that the person entering could choose what type of data to enter.  I went with a PowerApp form that loaded the appropriate data input questions for that type.



In the SPO list i added columns for this data type and updated the previous type, below.  When imported to PowerBI i had to 'unpivot' the data to get it to aggregate by site.  That worked okay for the data that I had to input.



Now i am tasked to add 5 more data types for each site.  This is quickly becoming unmanageable.  Being a novice is there a better way to do this than continuing to add columns that describe Site/Data Type?

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