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Can someone help me. This article describes how to create a product page in SharePoint:

Set up a product-facing site in SharePoint Server - SharePoint Server | Microsoft Le...

How to set up a product-centric website in SharePoint Server - SharePoint Server | Microsoft Learn


Unfortunately, this is not possible in SharePoint 365.

Anyone have any tips on how to do that anyway? We would like to create an IT service catalogue.


Greetings from Germany



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Hello @CharlyOli-1982


this is not available on M365, it's a SharePoint legacy feature only. I can't understand the information on your linked page: "Most of the features described in this series are available only for private site collections in SharePoint in Microsoft 365."


But the good...this solution on-prem based on search, but with predefined vizualization.


In M365 you can create a Search driven solution wit PnP Modern Search Web Parts: , you can create lists/libraries and with product references, you can build an catalog with custom search templates.


Otherwise, you can use Power Apps, for more customizing.


Or you can build a catalog based on SharePoint lists with ViewFormatting:


Hope you can use one of the modern possibilities.


Grüsse aus der Schweiz ;)