Product Catalogue/Web shop plugin for internal use?

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I am looking for a way to use a Sharepoint Online site/plugin/app to view a gallery of products to internal employees.


A simple product gallery where the products can be sorted like they would be in a web shop.

Information such as:

- Article number

- Description

- Picture

- Category


It would be appreciated if it is a simple method where employees of varying technical understanding can update/create/delete products from the inventory.


Nice to have:

- Possibility to add product to a shopping cart/list, which can then be emailed to somewhere, printed or saved as a list on the computer. List would also include the email-address of the person shopping.

Any recommendations? Nothing fancy, just a simple interface to view products.

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@Config1847 you could have a list in SharePoint or Lists and format the view with JSON view formatting. Have a look at


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