Problems with Emails and Lists in Sharepoint

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I have a real issue, I just cannot solve. 


I try to export a Microsoft Access Database to SharePoint. However, exporting is not possible because of Email addresses included in a table (the datatyp of the field is link). The error is always: 

"Cannot send to server. The URL is either not valid or longer than 255 characters". 


If I directly enter an email address in sharepoint, I have no problem. 

I would appreciate any support, feedback, hint, as to how I can get my list of email adresses from MS Access to SharePoint. 

Many thanks

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Unfortunately, I did not receive any replies. But I managed to find the problem (so I report it here, in case anybody else has the same problem):

You need to upload emails using "Mailto:" in front of any emails.

Therefore the content of the attribute email should be:
and not

Once I changed all my email accordingly, upload went smooth.