Problems editing hub site navigation

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I hope you can help me out.

I have some hub sites with associated sites (all are communication sites).

I can edit the pages and navigation on all sites, but when I make changes to the top bar navigation (hub site), the changes won't go through. I am primary admin on all sites and it worked 4 days ago. 


Do any of you have the same problem?


Kind regards Morten

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Just tested & working as expected on our tenant.


If it persists you should submit a ticket as suggests a more localised issue.

Exact same issue here! I am unable to add any new links to the top navigation on the hub site! No matter what I do it won't save the new changes?




Good to see that I'm not the only one. I thought I was going crazy :)

I found a workaround now:


A fix for the issue of inability to edit the hub nav is rolling out now. As a workaround you can edit the hub nav from either the site content's page or any document library. 


(taken from a thread I found earlier today:

Great news and thanks ;)

Yes! Having the same issue! I just spoke with MS Support and they didn't see anything on it- glad I'm not the only one!

Tagging so others can find this:

SharePoint Modern Framework Hub Site Navigation Can't Edit 

Can't make changes to Hub Navigation

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This works for me. On the hubsite navigate to a system page and add/edit the navigation there. 

Hi all!

This just happen to me at a customers site and there is no way to make changes.

I tried from the start page, from a library page with no luck.

From Site settings the Hub navigation doesn't show up.


Any ideas?



@Kevin NguyenUnfortunately this doesn't work for me. I tried both on sitecontents and document-library but the navigation still won't save..

In my case the problem was solved by adding a new link from powershell.
Add-PnPNavigationNode -Title $Title -Url $URL -Location "TopNavigationBar"

Also in the navigation page settings /_layouts/15/AreaNavigationSettings.aspx disable/enable the cache
Initially after running the script the top navigation disappeared but after refreshing a few times the navigation appeared again and this time correctly. That is, it lets me edit, add, and remove links normally.

This is happening on our site as well. However only for some users not all.  This is an old issue, so I hope some of the suggested work arounds will work for us. As it does not seem to be fixed form Microsoft. :)

@Kevin Nguyen what does 'navigate to a system page' mean?  I'm getting so frustrated not being able to add new sites to the hub nav.