Problem with survey export after site migration

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Hello support,

we are trying to migrate sites from an on-prem Sharepoint 2013 to Online via the Migration Tool. So far we migrated some of them for testing and validation purposes, but we encountered a problem with visualizing and exporting surveys results.


When opening the survey overview and calling Export to Spreadsheet, only 30 rows are returned, while the same survey on the original site on-prem returns the exact count shown in the overview.


To solve it I tried to tinker with the default View, tried to find if there was a setting not related to the view that will impact it and tried to switch to modern style, but none of this was successful.


To obtain all the records in the export we had to create a new View, make it default and specify an higher limit to the number of responses (5000, that seems to be the hard limit).


The problem with this workaround is that we have to manually create a View for each existing survey and then each time a new one is created (and we have a lot).


Is it normal this difference in behaviour between the 2013 on-prem and the Online version of SharePoint?


Thank you for your help,


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