Problem with sharepoint refreshing

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Hello. We have a sharepoint site on which we everyday copy and past daily lunch menu. The problem is that on google chrome, when i refresh it the contect doesnt become updated. If i login over internet explorer, the content is refreshed. What can couse this.


Take a look at screenshots:

This is google chrome, on which this inst refreshed from 15.1 ( )

And this is IE where refreshing is working. ( )


This is happening to 2 coworkers, others doesn't complain about this issue.

Do you have any ideas?


Best regards and thank you

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Reset one of the 2 PCs and if that works the other. You could also try Edge chromium. Troubleshooting chrome could be futile, while resetting is is safe to assime you get a fix. Or tech your coworkers how to refresh a page.

@varriano I have tried resetting computer. Also did a refresh with shift + f5. Also tried edge chromium browser... Its the same. I have even tried to reinstall chrome and its the same.


Only works in IE.... Any other solution ?

Have you tried incognito (sorry, have to check)

@varriano Yes i have.. The same problem....



Any solution? I am also having the same issue. 


Even my iphone chrome is refreshing.

Even my iphone safari same issue.