Problem with sharepoint refreshing

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Hello. We have a sharepoint site on which we everyday copy and past daily lunch menu. The problem is that on google chrome, when i refresh it the contect doesnt become updated. If i login over internet explorer, the content is refreshed. What can couse this.


Take a look at screenshots:

This is google chrome, on which this inst refreshed from 15.1 ( )

And this is IE where refreshing is working. ( )


This is happening to 2 coworkers, others doesn't complain about this issue.

Do you have any ideas?


Best regards and thank you

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Reset one of the 2 PCs and if that works the other. You could also try Edge chromium. Troubleshooting chrome could be futile, while resetting is is safe to assime you get a fix. Or tech your coworkers how to refresh a page.

@varriano I have tried resetting computer. Also did a refresh with shift + f5. Also tried edge chromium browser... Its the same. I have even tried to reinstall chrome and its the same.


Only works in IE.... Any other solution ?

Have you tried incognito (sorry, have to check)

@varriano Yes i have.. The same problem....



Any solution? I am also having the same issue. 


Even my iphone chrome is refreshing.

Even my iphone safari same issue.
Same issue here, it looks like the issue was because my PC went off before republic some edition, I´ve imported to teams and did republish, and it works more or less well in teams app, but the issue in the web browser keeps the same, astonished to see there is no response in this forum from Microsoft side.