Problem with shared library


I have a library in site B that I want to share with members from site A.


If I do this they see the library but it they dont have a quick launch to navigate back to their site.

I add a link in site A to the library in site B but it opens in the same window so its kind of frustrationg for them that they have to use the back button in the browser to go back.


My second solution was to give them read only access to the site and restrict everything and then use audience targeting to make the quick launch look better since they can otherwise still see all the links for some reason.

This causes problems for members in site B because they are also members on site A so then Sharepoint hides the links for them aswell for some reason.


Any solutions?

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@36048419 The easiest way to solve this would be if You give the members from site A read access to the site B and restrict access to the content (other libraries and/or lists) on site B that should only be accessible for the members of site B.

Regards, Magnus

@Magnus Goksøyr 

Yes I can do that, it just bothers me that Sharepoint doesn´t hide links in the quicklaunch that the members from A doesn´t have permission to see.