Problem with generating email flow

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I am trying to create a flow which send emails 1 day prior to Next review (calculated column) but not getting any emails

although flow is running complete without showing any errors

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If your Power Automate flow is running without any errors but you're not receiving any emails, there are a few possible reasons to investigate:


1. Verify flow trigger: Ensure that the trigger of your flow is set correctly. If you want the flow to run 1 day prior to the Next review date, make sure the trigger is configured to run at the desired timing, such as a scheduled recurrence trigger or a trigger based on changes in the SharePoint list.


2. Check the condition: If you have a condition in your flow to determine whether to send the email or not, review the condition and ensure that it is correctly evaluating the Next review date and comparing it with the current date minus one day. Double-check the condition logic and make sure it aligns with your requirements.


3. Test the email action separately: Test the email action in your flow separately to ensure it is functioning correctly. Create a simple test flow with just the email action triggered manually or based on a fixed condition to check if you receive the email as expected. This will help isolate any potential issues with the email action itself.


4. Check email configuration: Verify the email configuration within the email action. Ensure that you have provided the correct recipient email addresses, subject, and body content. Also, confirm that the sender's email account has the necessary permissions to send emails.


5. Monitor flow run history: Review the run history of your flow to see if there are any warnings or messages related to the email action. It's possible that the email might be failing for some reason, and there could be additional details in the flow run history that can provide insights into the issue.


6. Check junk/spam folder: Sometimes, emails may end up in the recipient's junk or spam folder. Make sure to check these folders to see if the emails are being delivered there instead of the inbox.


By investigating these aspects, you can identify potential issues that might be preventing the emails from being sent successfully. Additionally, reviewing the run history and monitoring any error messages or warnings can provide valuable insights into the flow's execution and help troubleshoot the problem further if needed.


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