Problem with Forms for Excel

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We are using multiple forms created by Sharepoint Online's document library (Forms for Excel). We noticed at monday, that when accessed by link, all forms gives an error message "Problem viewing survey...". 

This appears for every user (including guest users outside organisation). Also on every browser.


When we go to check Excel-file linked to form, it opens as broken. When fixed, form-part of the file is removed (/xl/surveys/survey1.xml).


If new Forms for Excel is created, it works while file is open. But when accessed by link, form gives same error message. And when file is opened again, it is broken and form is removed.


What could have caused this? Is there a fix for it?


Original error messages are in Finnish, I hope they are translated well enough.

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@vkjkl I am facing the exact same issue as you described. First, an existing survey broke for my client after I opened and closed the workbook. Then even when I upload a new excel file and create a fresh survey, the excel file is broken after I reopen it and the technical details say that the survey was removed in order to repair it.


we have the exact same problem

also started a few days ago

it concerns old Excel files with surveys, on a Sharepoint-site

surveys were created before Forms were used for this