Problem with EditForm link when switching from a classic page to modern view

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When visiting a site (subsite/web) on our tenant and we click on a specific left navigation link/item, the redirected page is correct URL wise, but the wrong information is displayed. Instead of the display form of the item, the list itself is displayed.


So we have a link "Dossiergegecens" which is set to the display form of the item with ID 1: "https://TENANT/sites/SITECOLL/SUBSITE1/SUBSITE2/SUBSITE3/Lists/ListA/DispForm.aspx?ID=1". 




The user clicks on it and gets redirected to the correct URL, but the list itself is displayed instead of the display form for item with ID 1:


We should be viewing the display form. What's happening here?

It seems there's a onclick handler on the link which calls the javascript function performModernOnePageNavigationForFasterOnePage --> bootModernApp --> doPrepareWorkBeforeOnePageNavForFasterOnePage

These functions make the page load faster by clearing the DOM and then injecting and building up the new page:


I'm certain something with this mechanism is causing this issue. Because when I refresh the opened page by using F5 the correct DispForm is displayed.


I'm thinking this might be a code issue that should be reviewed by somebody at Microsoft. I'm not sure if this forum is the correct place to post these kind of issues, if so please redirect me to the correct location.


Thanks in advance

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