Problem with duplicates storing in SharePoint

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Hi everyone,

It is mixed problem with SharePoint and PowerApps, but I was lead here from PowerApps community.

I try to figure out if I can store multiple duplicates of the same Person in SharePoint list. I have multiple column for each Department(which stores persons), and the column which stores all persons together from all column department. The problem is when I have the same person more than one time in multiple departments. Then when I store them all together this person is shown only one time, not two or three etc. 

I need it all copies from all department so that my workflow will work properly. It is a problem when it should be send to 3 departments but it is sent to only one(because lack of duplicates copies), because this person works in all three of them and depending on the department can give me different approval answer.


Additional info: I take Person data from combo boxes and then collect their value into collection. Then I patch this collection into "All Person" column.

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