Problem with accessing a page while being a member of a reading group

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Good afternoon. I have a query regarding a problem I am experiencing.
I have created a group in a SharePoint site, but the users that I add to be part of this group, can not access the page. I get the access denied message, why is that and do I have to do some extra configuration? This SharePoint site has the classic experience, I do not know if this is relevant.
Thanks in advance

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Hello @ElaaDaniQ 


is it only a SharePoint Site or an Groups connected site (with teams oder groups)?


Please make sure, that you have not broken the permissions on the site, library or elements.


Here are more information about permissions:


Or here is a good explanation:


Regards, Dave

Hello @David Mehr . Thank you very much for the information. I have checked and I still have the problem.
Here is more detail in case you could help me.

These are the groups that have permission on the site. By default, one of the groups is visitors and reading.
If I add users to these default groups, they can access without any problem.
However, if I create another group like this one and add those same people (before I remove them from the previous group), it appears that they do not have access.


I check the permissions and they are the same, then I do not know what happens, why I can not add those people to that group and have access to the site in the same way.

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Hello @ElaaDaniQ ,


i think, on a lower level the permissions are broken, so the group will be not inherited on other elements.


- Check site permission

- check library (site page) permission

- check permission on the site's homepage


Do you use custom permisson level's? Please check this.


Regards, Dave