problem wih uplading scanned pdf files on sharepoint 2019

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i have sharepoint 2019 application and i have a problem with uploading pdf document that scanned on multifunction devices like: Konika, Sharp, Canon. How resolve this problem?

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scanned PDF documents from multifunction devices to SharePoint 2019 could be due to various factors such as file size, file type restrictions, or file name issues. To troubleshoot and resolve this problem, try check file size limits: SharePoint has a default file size limit of 50MB and ensure that the scanned PDF documents do not exceed the maximum file size allowed by your SharePoint configuration. 

  • Open SharePoint Central Administration.
  • Go to Application Management > Manage Web Applications.
  • Select the web application you want to configure.
  • In the Ribbon, click on "General Settings" > "General Settings."
  • Change the "Maximum Upload Size" to a higher value (not exceeding 2GB) and click "OK."

If you are not familiar with SharePoint Central administration this link can help you:




my scanned PDF files are 50MB. in the CA maximum upload size is 500MB.
What kind of problem? Could you describe more about the problem?