Problem entering a validation formula on a Microsoft list

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I am trying to enter a formula that would check if the column [EthernetMAC] has any info in it while the [Asset Type] is a Laptop. If [EthernetMAC] has no info in it, the formula should return a false and give out an error. If it has any info, it should return true and allow the user to save the info.

=IF([Asset Type] = "Laptop", IF(ISBLANK([EthernetMAC]), false, true), true)

The [Asset Type] is a choice column, [EthernetMAC] is a single text field. For some reason, the site won't accept this formula due to a syntax error but for the life of me, I can't figure out, where or what the error is.
Can someone explain to me where I've made a mistake?

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Figured out the problem. The logic of the formula was correct, problem was caused by my regional settings. After changing all the , in the formula to ; the site accepted the formula and it worked correctly.