Problem copying files


I'm trying to copy files from one Shared Library to another using "Copy To" in SharePoint.  The problem is that, in many folders, the copying process suddenly stopped.  There are about 55GB in files.  I tried with the Sharepoint Migration Tool, but it only works from On-Premise to MS 365.  Any suggestions to copy those files?  Is and option?



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The copyto/moveto functions have a well know bug where they stop copying files/folders after about 25 items. You can get it to work by only selecting 20 or so items and copy them then the next 20.

Other option would be to Sync both libraries to your computer, get a local copy of everything and then copy to the new destination. Not recommended on slow internet connection. Last time I did this as long as files are in folders they retain the modified date but loose other meta data.
There are +75K files, and copying in quantities of 20 is too hard. I asked about Is that an option? Maybe a Powershell script?
Movier.IO says that it will do the job. PowerShell you could definitely do it, something like