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In short the organisation that I work has 80+ people in it and we have over 20 teams that do their own projects. During 10 years we have had this weekly message where teams have informed their news in weekly basics to communication department and those news are collected to one letter that is sent to everyone by email.

I know every team is in teams so they have their team sites (nobody has never used those). Then we have public page for our organisation. (news, calendar, information about staff etc). I'm one of the admins in public site but because teams are private I can't see them (and I like to keep it that way).

Is there a way teams can share their team site news to public site without revealing anything else, like files. I know that you can set premissions to visitor but files are there still to bee seen. (I know that you can set premission to file but there are hundreds)


In short I want that team is able to create news in news web part in their team site and those news are shown in public site in their own news section and nothing else in team site is to be seen.

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What you are looking for could be done but the problem is the public site viewer will only see the title and the image from that page as soon as they click on that page to fully read the articles in that page they will be asked to get SharePoint permission to that site again as you already mention if the Site only permission is granted they will still see all the docs..

if the Title and Images is something you wanted to see on the public site that is achievable and you can setup using the following way;

on the public site create a new section based on your requirement > add a new web Part Select Highlighted content web part > click the pen icon edit > in the filter section Content >

Source= Selected Sites > then select the site as for each will have section so only select on
Type= Pages
Filter= title includes thew words or leave it blank
Sort by= Most recently
Enable Audience Targeting = if this is different for each user or department will be change
Layout = select any of the 4 Grid, list, Carousel, and Flimstrip
Show up to = 8 or what ever number you want
Hide this web part if there;s nothing to show.

Hope all these setting is what you are looking for comment if this use case worked for you so others can benefits from this and we can close this thread.