Private drafts for SharePoint pages and news - Not available on all sites

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Some of our modern sites are showing "Create as private draft" others aren't. Some of these sites are reletively new, some we've had for months. No pattern, I can see.

I've checked Draft Item Security and Versioning settings for the Site Pages library and they're correct as shown in Create a private SharePoint page or news post - Microsoft Support.

Am I just being impatient? 

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Two months on and its still the same. Some have it, some don't. Help....anyone :flushed_face:

@Ray Harrison 


I have this problem too, and went through the settings page you posted but still have the 'private draft' option missing from my main communication site hub - even though it was there previously on this site.


There's not much else I can find from searching so maybe a quite rare issue?

We have the fix!

The setting “Site Collection Features, Limited-access user permission lockdown mode" had been activated.