Privacy document that i want to share with colleuges that belong to the company

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What is best practice for managing privacy documents in a company that I want to share with different colleagues at different times? Some documents I can be by myself with access to and some I share with others. Each document has its own rights. OneDrive is not an option due to the Lifecycle perspective i want it to be saved in SharePoint not OneDrive.

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Hello @gunnarK60,

Probably the best practice is to have different groups of permissions, but not for the documents, for libraries in Sharepoint.
So the way to proceed is that in each library, to use these groups and don't add the people alone. Use the groups and add the people in the groups.

For example, have three groups, one having full control, one having contribution permit and one having read only permissions. Doing that, you can add documents to the library and add the people to it.

Hope you find it useful.


The problem is that the requirement are on individual level, not group level.

The documents will be shared different for each document even if we know that is not to prefer from IT perspective.

But the way this people work with information that are personal related we cannot use groups we must find a way to share documents on individuals level.

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