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I have a Sharepoint Online list, and i am trying to print one of the line items. Is that possible?

I've seen videos where 

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There is no direct option to print a SharePoint list item unless you use Power Automate flows....

Here is some steps that might help;
Login Microsoft Flow here
Click on My flows and then Click on "create from the blank".
Select SharePoint and Select a Trigger “When an item is created”.
Now Select Site Address and List Name. Here I am Selecting the AllProduct.
Add a new step, Select SharePoint and Select an action “Get Items”.
Now Select Site Address, List Name and put filter query, e.g. ID eq ID.
Add a new step, search “Create HTML Table” and Select an action “Create HTML Table”.
Now Select From and Columns. Here I have selected "Automatic", you can select "custom" and manage according to your business requirements.


Thank you very much for your reply. 

Unfortunately when i do this i either get the full list, (with all the items) or if i try to get just 1 item i get an error message.

The 'from' property value in the 'table' action inputs is of type 'Object'. The value must be of type 'Array'.






I would suggest tweak the flow as per your need otherwise you could just take the screenshot and print it, another alternative will be to export the list to Excel, filter/sort as per your requirement.

@MVCuser Did you get a working solution for your problem? I'm doing the exact same thing and running into same kind of problems as you. I'm using Lists to collect inspection reports and one report is basically one line of the list. I have pretty massive amount of columns in my inspection report and would like to print it out clean 1-2 pages.

@Kalle_Sivulla did you have any luck with this?

@Daniel_NZ_AIL when I know that I or my users might have to print individual items from a SharePoint list I create an app in Power Apps with the list as the data source. I add a form that has the item columns in it, and Power Apps has a print function so I add a button and in the OnSelect property  enter Print() which will open the normal print panel. This allows me to easily print an individual item without needing to create a flow. The attached short video demonstrates this.


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@RobElliott Brilliant thanks for that, works like a charm, except for only printing one page but I'll just work out individual pages.

@Daniel_NZ_AIL yes it does only print 1 page, I think because it takes a screenshot and prints that rather than getting the actual data.


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Intranet, SharePoint and Power Platform Manager (and classic 1967 Morris Traveller driver)

You could create a word template that contains all the columns as field names.
First put an empty word document in your Sharepoint List. Word will automatically recognise all column names as long as these are text, numbers, dates and yes/no.
Put the word file somewhere in your sharepoint after creation.
Finally create a flow to combine the record with the word document (like a letter to customers).
Never done before what you want to do, but I am using sharepoint metadata in my word files from a document library, and that is working quite well

Hi @RobElliott .  It works in preview but not in the actual list. Have you tested this with the actual published form on the list?

if i may just ask, where will this HTML table be saved? how do i get to actually print it out?

Hope you are well.... Did you win with this request? i have the same challenge and would like help getting this right? please assist...
I know this isn't quite what you need, but I have generated PDF files using Power Automate from List items. You can add a button to trigger the Flow using JSON formatting on the list item.

Here is my blog on the topic