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I have a Sharepoint Online list, and i am trying to print one of the line items. Is that possible?

I've seen videos where 

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There is no direct option to print a SharePoint list item unless you use Power Automate flows....

Here is some steps that might help;
Login Microsoft Flow here
Click on My flows and then Click on "create from the blank".
Select SharePoint and Select a Trigger “When an item is created”.
Now Select Site Address and List Name. Here I am Selecting the AllProduct.
Add a new step, Select SharePoint and Select an action “Get Items”.
Now Select Site Address, List Name and put filter query, e.g. ID eq ID.
Add a new step, search “Create HTML Table” and Select an action “Create HTML Table”.
Now Select From and Columns. Here I have selected "Automatic", you can select "custom" and manage according to your business requirements.


Thank you very much for your reply. 

Unfortunately when i do this i either get the full list, (with all the items) or if i try to get just 1 item i get an error message.

The 'from' property value in the 'table' action inputs is of type 'Object'. The value must be of type 'Array'.






I would suggest tweak the flow as per your need otherwise you could just take the screenshot and print it, another alternative will be to export the list to Excel, filter/sort as per your requirement.