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Hello Everyone, 

I have a SharePoint Online list, and I am trying to print one of the line items.  I have read some solutions online like using SharePoint designer but not sure how to do it . I have not used SharePoint designer in past but I am proficient in flows and overall SharePoint. 

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Hi Suhail,
You can use Power Automate to generate a PDF file that is printable. I have a blog that explains how
I hope this helps,
Thanks Steve, I went through your video. So the PDF will be generated every time we request for the report or at the time of creation of the item ? Can we skip the approval step ?
The approval step is completely optional. You could just to the Get Item step (get's the List item column data) and then use the steps listed after the approval.
You can trigger a Flow either on creation or for the selected item.
Okay , got it. I have never written an HTML code. Do you know any tips or online resources for that ?

I was able to find an HTML convertor and successfully ran the flow. thanks

I'm glad I could help

@Steve Knutson 


Thank you for the helpful tutorial. I have successfully added the option to my instance of the SharePoint list but it is not appearing for my teammates. Is there a way to implement the change for all members of the list?



Lisa Marie

Hi Lisa, if you share the Flow with your teammates (from Power Automate) the option should appear for them :)
Hi Steve,

Thank you for your help. I shared the flow and it now appears for my colleagues but it is not generating a PDF for them. When I have them open the flow on Power Automate while signed in with their credentials it won't let them run a manual test. Any suggestions?

Lisa Marie