Prevent users from renaming 'General' folder

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Hi, I hope this is the right place to ask.


We are using Teams and SharePoint. SharePoint document libraries are created for every new team. The General channel files tab is associated with the 'General' folder in SharePoint. Now, we have some users which love the rename this special folder to '_General' or '1. General', etc... This leads to complications.


Is there some approach to prevent this from happening?

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AFAIK, there is no way to prevent this

@Juan Carlos González Martín thank you for your quick response.


Is there some kind of plugin you could build to prevent this, like pre-operation of rename, then check the folder which is being renamed. 

@Kiril , you could teach them to see the folders as a common untouchable thing. You could always create a new view instead of "All Documents", such as "Documents" and in this settings page disable the folders view, pls. see screenshot here. And you can then set this as default view then, until they all understand the meaning of folders ;), specially in teams. And: maybe you can figure out a flow with power automate to disable this folders option, if someone is trying to change the folders name. A little mean strategy, i know. But i think, this could be possible :)))

Greets, Eva.



@Kiril I second what Eva has said below, if you were to amend users permissions to read only then naturally they wouldn't be able to edit files.

Like Eva has mentioned a good divert tactic would be to change the default view in SharePoint to filter out the general folder from view so that users cannot find it. Good luck!