Prevent users from entering a value inside a field if they are not inside a SharePoint group

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We are working on asset management system inside SharePoint online, here is the scenario:-


1) We have 2 SharePoint groups; Admins & Regular users

2) Inside the Assets list we have a field named "Owner" of type people/group
3) Now if the login user is not admin (is Regular user), then the Owner field should be disabled and auto populated with the login username.
4) while if the login user is an Admin then the Owner field should be enabled and allow the admin to enter any owner.


Now i am not sure how i need to implement this to prevent regular users from entering values inside the Owner field other than their username ? i need to manage this from service-side + client-side.

So i am thinking of customizing the create/edit list forms using Power Apps and enable/disable the owner field based on the user existence inside the Admin SharePoint group. While from the server-side check i will develop a remote event receiver to do the check on the server-side...

So can anyone advice of my above approach of using PowerApps & Remote Event receivers ? and is there a more feasible/suitable approach i can follow? for example can i use different appraoch to implement the client-side validation without using Power Apps ? + implement the server-side validation without using Remote event receivers?


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