Prevent moving/deleting directories in root

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So we are using a sharepoint site as a shared company drive.  There are about 10 main folders in the root.  Everyone has only read permissions for the site and the main directory except.  However, read-only users are still able to move or delete a main directory/folder.  It is very easy to do it accidentally.  Anybody know how to prevent this because giving read-only permissions is not working?

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It sounds like the permissions for the folders are not configured correctly, because Read does not allow a user to delete.

They are but I think the problem is that the documentary library does have read permissions, the folders have contribute permissions.

I guess I could make all of the main folder as read permissions also and then all the folders within the folders could have contribute.

Although, that would involve alot of breaking inheritance on every folder within the folder and then employees would not be able to delete a file in the main part of a folder where the only have ready access.

Oh well.  Even I accidentally moved a main folder and I did not even do anything except change permissions and it was hell getting it back in place.