Prevent File download for all users for all files on OneDrive and Sharepoint

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Is there any way to absolutely prevent download of files from SharePoint and OneDrive for all files and all user in my organization?

Actually, I want to prevent any local work or local data store on my-users's computers. It means that i want also disable the "open on Desktop app" button, and the printing options. All the work is done via the browser.

I know that it is possible per file or per library on SharePoint, but i want to set it as mandatory unchangeable policy for all my users.

Thank you!

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Hi, the way to achieve this is with the use of session based Conditional Access policies in conjunction with Microsoft Cloud App Security.  You can read about this at -


This may mean that you need additional licensing however.  Conditional Access is an Azure AD Premium P1 feature, and MCAS can be purchased as an add on to EM+S E3, or is included in EM+S E5 and M365 E5