Prevent delete but allow moving files for a document library

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Hello everyone,

I assigned to a user the edit role permission excluding the delete feature in that role. After that, I noticed that the “Move To” feature disappeared from the ribbon because of excluding the delete feature from the edit role.

I did the above because I thoughts about the below options:

Option 1- If I prevented the delete I thought that they can move the file to a specific library called "Deleted files" where only the admins can perform the delete operation in that library.

Option 2 - Is there any idea/way to have approval upon file deletion and if approved the file will be deleted? But the problem is if the user pushed the delete button on the file it will directly go to the recycle bin that's why I am trying to find a way for a manager to approve before deleting any file.

Can please someone advise what will be the workaround to allow moving files without the delete feature or to have an approval process and upon approval delete the file needed (using Power Automate if it will work)?

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thank you!

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I have been having the same experience, where I wanted to limit Delete capability but allow users to manage renaming files. Alas, not to be.

The documentation I have read leads me to believe its unlikely to be available unfortunately.

Good luck.