Prevent Custom Document Set from Inheriting Document Library Columns

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Hi all, 


I'm new to content types, but I've got the overall hang of it. Essentially, I've created a new site content type "Contract Set" with Document Set as the parent. I've enabled content type management on the library where it will be used and I can successfully use it. 


My issue is that I was expecting the contract set to use the metadata/columns I assigned it: Name, Description, etc., but when I go into the contract set, it is listing all of the parent document library columns instead. My goal is to package sets of documents into a content type that can retain metadata at the library level but within the content type itself, have a separate set of columns different from the document library. 


Any help is greatly appreciated. 



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Hello @Active_Array aka AA ;)


your Document Set Content Type can use different columns then your Document Content Type into the Document Set. You can define a Default view for your library and a view into your Document Set to view the specific columns from your Document Content Type. 


Into the Document Set Content Type you have the "Document Set settings", into there, you can configure more: 



Here are many more informations:


Regards, Dave