Presence Missing from New Experience

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Hi, we are starting to get the New Experience UI on our O365 Sharepoint sites but the presence column next to the Modified By column is missing.  This is a very useful feature, is there anyway to add this back in?  I have had a hunt around the options but I can't spot it.





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Thanks for bringing attention to this - made me go back and look. The presence indicator is also not working on lists where we "assign" cases to staff (column connected to our directory).
It has been reported that presence is not working well in SharePoint should work no matter the browser you are using, but the reality is that is not working in most of the cases

Thank you for your replies, much appreciated.


Can I assume that MS are on this already or should I log a support call?

Do you have received feedback from MS or have a workaround or what so ever?

@Mike Cracknell Hello, has there been an update here? Prior to SharePoint 365 we took full advantage of TEAMS & SFB presence when we created SharePoint list with the column 'Name (with presence)'. So now it would seem this simply will not work moving forward?  It was an excellent feature for local contacts at a site so we can quickly see who was available.