PowerPoint files in document libraries open blank

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Using SharePoint online. Users with Read permissions on libraries try to open PowerPoint files and they open blank. This happens when they open in the browser. I've fixed the problem in the past by giving people higher permissions, but now it's a situation in which I would have to give the entire organization higher permissions and I can't do that. Has anyone run into this? 

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@Kaylee GossI've never had this particular problem but I tend to avoid opening with browser due to other problems.  Is there a reason that the user cannot open using the power point application?

@KeepAtIt365 The default setting on the library was set to open in the browser because I had the same issue before when they would open in the application. We thought there was some kind of disconnect between SharePoint and the desktop applications, but now it's happening in the browser, too. 

could it be the browser you are using? have you tried in Chrome? things tend to work better in Chrome.

@Kaylee Goss 

I'm having the same problem. When I upload ppt files to Sharepoint they don't upload properly and just appear blank (even to me, who has uploaded them). I've tried on a different laptop, and using different internet browsers and I'm still having the same issue. 


Any advice?