Power Query in Excel sourcing sharepoint folders

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Hello all, 


It appears I'm heading down familiar territory, but my question doesn't seem to have been specifically answered.


I notice this thread, amongst others.


I shall be looking at this thread, with an excellent answer from @Sergei Baklan as well.


So, to my issue. I have been using PQ to source data from a folder on my desktop. There's a report I can run from our client database, I drag and drop it in the folder, it updates the spreadsheet to do all the formatting, cleaning and date checking I need, job done.


Now I want to do the same, but using sharepoint, so that anyone in the particular sharepoint space can drag the same report into a sharepoint folder and then refresh the PQ. 


Similar to other threads: I can only get the folder linked using "from folder" and even if you link the sharepoint to your drive so it appears under "from folder" it is then back to only working for me and not others. 


Using any of the sharepoint specific options under "Get Data" leads to various errors around url names.


I'll post more details shortly, but any help greatly appreciated. 

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