Power Automate/SharePoint Online issue

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I have a basic flow in Power Automate, user clicks custom button in SPO library and runs the flow. My problem is the button used to work on the default environment but not in the environment that we need. Now the flow is not working in either when I click the button. 


I have the following error message:

ConnectionAuthorizationFailed: the caller with object id (ID here) does not have permission for connection (ID here) under Api shared_logicflows.


I searched for this error but I can't find anything related. Any idea/help would be appreciated.

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Hello @CR-88,


Assuming the button is calling the "For a selected file" trigger it has to be in the default environment. See this link for more information: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/dev/business-apps/power-automate/sharepoint-connector-ac...


I hope this helps.



Hi @stormin_30, Yes is calling "For a selected" file trigger. Is there a way to trigger the flow in another environment? For us it's not possible to use the default at this time.

Thanks for your help.