Possible to Change Default Font Colors in SharePoint Online?

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I Keep Setting the Headings to Stark Black

And the body text like this to a medium gray.  I'd like to emphasize browse-ability on a few SharePoint pages, demonstrating a strategic-heading technique to build consumable pages for those of us who like to skim pages to get the gist of whatever boring long run-on technically-detailed sentences consume the pixels in between. 


But I have to set the color for Every Freaking Heading.

And Every Freaking Paragraph. 
And it's getting annoying. Annoying enough to use capitals improperly for emphasis.


Is it possible to change the default colors?

Perhaps through PNP, SPO, or some other method within the legal limits of wizardry?  I'd really like to showcase textual content creation that can be consumed effectively at multiple depths, and all this color changing is a real agitator.  (that sentence sounds cool if you say it out loud in the voice of Tow Mater)


Any tips would be appreciated!  Thanks!



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AFAIK, it's not possible.
Where can I add a SharePoint feature request? This would be a handy one.