Populating and synchronising Site Page Tables with Excel Spreadsheet content

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Sirs - A relative novice here, I am a Microsoft Access Bigot transitioning to SharePoint because I have to! Apologies.

Objective - To populate a Table in a site page dynamically from an Excel Spreadsheet stored in a folder system within the same SharePoint system.

Synopsis - I have Site Pages and Document Library folders for a number of operational business departments e.g., 'Medical Services' and 'IT Portfolio Management'. In the IT Portfolio Management Folder, I have a master Excel Spreadsheet that has a list of all IT Services. On the Site.Page for Medical Services, I have a simple but elegant table that lists all the IT services for that [Medical Services] department. Currently manually maintained. I have some twenty Departments, so the prep and the ongoing maintenance are going to be really tedious. This is why I like MS Access! Very dynamic.

So, for future-proofing, I would like to populate my Table from this spreadsheet automatically using the column, 'department' as my filter. And yes, in my Portfolio Management Site Page, I will list a similar subset of columns and 100% of the rows in the spreadsheet. sorted by one or two of the  columns.

Can anybody point me in the direction of suitable learning material? I will be really grateful.

By the way, I have a Microsoft Access DB in one of my Department/Project Folders in Sharepoint. Why Can't I run it?

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