Populate and update Managed Metadata Terms through BCS

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Is there a way to populate and update Managed Metadata Terms Store through BCS ?

If not is there a third part tool to reach this goal ?

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No, there is not. Additionally, I would re-consider any use of BCS since Microsoft has not invested in the service for many years

@Juan Carlos González Martín Thanks for your answer and the warning on BCS.

I was expected to use it for other needs, is there any alternative to BCS currently ?

How to proceed if we want to exchange data through the OnPremise DataGateway ?

May be the answer is on the MS 365 roadmap...

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In our company we are investigating to update on prem data into the term store.

. We will have a service that wil lrun and update direclty the term store thanks to the api of Sharepoint.

We have created an app in azure ad for the permission "read.write term store" and the Dev was able to connect and update it.




Like that the term store is updated. The dev was also able to add extra metadata to the term store. (now i just need to find a way to extract it)

The last time I check, the GRAPH api was not yet able to update the term store ( but able to do it in BETA)