PnP V4 Search filter not showing multiple options

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I hope you are doing great.

I have the following situation:


I created a new choice column for my SharePoint news pages with 3 name options: Joshua, Nina, and Joshua & Nina. (I added the column to the refinablestring in the SharePoint schema).


When I am using the pnp v4 search filter, I am getting just one option, not the 3 I need, do you knwo what can be the reason? I need all the options I have in the column, I already reindex the site and all, still the same behavior.





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Hello @felipewltc 


the mapping to an existing refinablestring is already correct.


Have you activated the Multi values in search filters? 

Here are my configuration:



And this looks like this with multiple values:




Regards, Dave


thank you for your answr @David Mehr, I checked and i have the same situation 





any idea what can be causing this issue, maybe the search schema or something else? 


Hi @felipewltc 


try to use an other refinablestring and map your column. And try to use an other, new, column and to the same.

And try to use check box in the search filter config instead combo box to test the values.


Regards, Dave

Can you confirm items showing in the results web parts are tagged with a filter option your missing. A filter option will only show if data is showing in the results webpart

Hello @Warwick Ward 


it depends on your query. 


And yes, a filter option will only show if data is showing in the results webpart.


Regards, Dave

@David Mehr I will check with what you said today, do you know if we can add specific words so we can use custom filters? 


Thanks in advance 

Hello @felipewltc 


it's not clear for me, what do you mean with "if we can add specific words so we can use custom filters".


Regards, Dave

I have 3 categories in the choice column I added, is there a way that I can hard code my options in the search filter so it will display all that I need and keep filtering the search results?

Hello @David Mehr  I did it, another column, with another refinable and still, the same behavior, can be something in the site? just one option and is not filtering in the correct way. 




Search is dynamic and Filters are based on results showing, you must have filtering in your search query.

You could alway have all filters you want in a static list on the side (either text or list hyperlinks) which point to the search page with with the filters as a parameter.