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Hi, I've successfully installed PNP search and results webparts in my sharepoint comms site, and have restricted the search to return results only from my own site, and only to return pages or certain file types such as pdf. However, I also need the search to return results that are YouTube hosted videos - which don't have a file-type associated with them per-se because it's just a link out into YouTube. Creating a URL library didn't work (security violation is generated when you try and click through), and loading the MP4s direct to the documents folder delivers a very poor user experience. Is there any way to ask it to return YouTube links held within my site only? Thanks in advance.

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So PnP Search can't know what youtube videos you have embeeded in the site using the webpart. So the the easiest way for you to return these is to have them saved into a SharePoint list and Return the results from that.

@NicolasKheirallah Thanks so much for reply. Do you mean a list of URLs or uploading the MP4 files? I've tried both. Both ways returned results fine in search, but clicking on the results from the list of links returned a security error, and the MP4s took ages to load with poor playback experience (EG - weirdly - loading twice: once in the search tab and once externally).  

The security error is probably something your organisation has setup when it comes to clicking to links.

As for poor playback experience, is it low quality or sluggish/buffering ?
Sluggish, and no nice little controls (as you have in youtube) such as playback speed, and kept opening in 2 tabs for me! (Original search tab and another). Stream has been suggested as a way forward, which i will explore next. thanks again for your response.
Good for you to know but Streams is in SharePoint, so all video files you open in SharePoint in a lack of better way of saying it uses Streams.

It sounds like you're running a Company VPN which is mkaing the network sluggish?