PNP Search Filter Design

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Hi all,


I would like to change the design of the filter. Can I use CSS, React? Where exactly do I need to upload these stylesheets?



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PnP Search Filter does provide custom layout option where you can customize design for it


You can take existing template as base which you can find at and then you can upload it somewhere in document library and adapt based on your requirements.

After that you can provide it in property pane as shown below




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Thanks very much for your answer. Also, do you know how to manage to display the name of the image?



Please elaborate your requirement more here what do exactly mean by "how to manage to display the name of the image?"



Do you see the image which is in the image? This is the name of the image.





Another question: if I remove all options except title, the image doesn't appear. When all selections are present, I see the image. I don't understand why? How is it possible to remove all other information except the image view.



@kalpeshvaghela Hi do you know what I mean?