Pnp Modern Search Results shows duplicate values

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Hi all,
I have a PnP Modern Search and the results webpart shows only for one column double entries. 
So in my case for the telephone number value it shows: "+1234 56789 +1234 56789".

It is only in the results this way the list entries are fine.  I only map one crawled property to one managed property. 
I have already reindexed and also deleted the list.
Any ideas ?

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If you change the display option to "Debug" do you see the double value in the result? This might give you a clue. If you only see the value once, then it could be your result display template that is the issue.
Hi Steve,
sorry for the late feedback but I was away.
The double values are also shown in the debug mode:
"lubPhoneOWSTEXT": " (xxx) 172 228\n\ (xxx) 172 228","


Have you been able to find a solution to this issue? I'm encountering the exact same issue.

I´ve ended up to create a new managed property and map it to the same search property again.
This has fixed my issue.