PnP Modern Search Filter - Managed Metadata fields display additional properties

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The PnP Filter webpart uses the managed Property "RefinableString01" mapped to a "Fiscal Year" term set. There are additional properties being displayed that may seem confusing to end user and we would like only to display the years. 

There is a description of the Property bag properties values.
Usage - PnP Modern Search (v4) (


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Hello @AlbertSP


 i do the same, here it looks fine:



I have a managed metadata column mapped to RefinableStringXXX:



Which version from pnp web parts do you have installed?


Best, Dave



So its seems the issue stems from the Same Managed Metadata Property existing in different Content Types that are applied to different Libraries.

For ex: If Fiscal Year managed metadata column is part of Content Type ABC and is used in tagging files in Library ABC, the Filter looks OK.

However, if I add the Fiscal Year column to CT XYZ and Tag document in the XYZ library, the Filter choices seem weird. It Still works but it seems like there is an issue filtering multiple libraries in a site.

Hello @ADMEA 


also with the same column in different content types, it's looks fine.


The newest version is 4.8.0:


I think it's a good idea, to update your version.


Best, Dave